Our Mission

Westmount High School is located in downtown Montreal and serves a multicultural student population whose cultural and religious diversity is celebrated. The school’s community is welcoming and actively promotes the values of equality, inclusion and respect for fundamental human rights. The school encourages the highest level of academic achievement possible for each student by offering a wide range of academic programs and a variety of learning experiences. The school strives to promote bilingualism and full integration and participation in Quebec culture and society. The school’s primary goal is to serve the needs of the individual student. Self-expression, self-discipline, and self-fulfillment are encouraged. The school’s staff strives to give each student the support needed to succeed, while maintaining a safe environment that is conducive to learning. Westmount High School promotes the active participation of all its stakeholders and recognizes the need to foster a strong partnership between the school, parents and the community at large.

Our Values

Westmount High School believes in:

  • Education as integral to a complete and fulfilling life;
  • A positive school environment for students and staff from all cultures and backgrounds;
  • Meaningful instruction and the pursuit of lifelong learning;
  • Building character by promoting respect for self, community and the environment;
  • Public institutions that are secular and neutral while respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.