Intramural Sports WHS

Intramural activities are organized recreational activities within the school. Some of the activities are competitive between multiple teams and remain within the walls of the school, which is the origin of the name "intramural". 

WHS offers students a large variety of team and individual activities.   

Students with all levels of ability are encouraged to participate in and enjoy these intramural activities.

Westmount High School List of Virtual Extracurricular Activities:

The Westmount Highlights (Co-Op Collective): Do you want to be a YouTube star!? The Westmount Highlights club is accepting new members for the 2020-2021 school year! If you want to become a member of the TWH Crew, and get to learn how to write, produce, edit and publish a polished weekly YouTube show for the Westmount High School community, then come join our weekly club taking place every Monday at 4:15pm on Google Meet. Knights, Camera, Action!

Stop-Motion (Explorations): Realize your artistic vision through the varied techniques of experimental animation. Using a free stop motion app on your phone or tablet; we will learn how to make a portable animation stand, how to light your set and I will teach you the basic principles of stop-motion animation. We will be focusing on 3-D “under the camera” techniques such as animating with salt, modelling clay, cut outs, animating toys and objects around us. This class will help you to discover how to express your ideas using stop motion animation. By the end of the class you will have your own, easy to use, mini animation studio

Video Game Design (Explorations): Welcome to the world of video game design where the only limitation is your imagination. In this course, learners will discover what makes games interesting and how they can utilize storytelling tools to create captivating games. Using a commercial RPG engine, they will learn the basic components of a game and how developers use different strategies to immerse players into their worlds.

Board Game Design (Dynamix): Students learn how to play modern board games. They will design in teams their own board games and will play them in groups. Every group is provided a professional quality set of modern game components to create, and keep, their designs. These are some of the most commonly used components found in modern games today. This activity also provides unique extras to every group’s game to help make each design a bit more special!

Street Art (Explorations): Graffiti, tags, murals, public art all share the same goal: creating through destruction. It is a static visual art form that lives outside of traditional art settings like galleries and museums. From subways to buildings, urban space is used as a canvas, allowing artists to create work visible to the mass public. A form of art that has historically been looked down upon, street art has become a cultural phenomenon and a well-beloved form of art that has been incorporated around the world. In this activity, our explorers will learn the history of street art, create using the techniques of street artists and have an interactive online tour of the murals in the city of Montreal.

Digital Music (Explorations): Always dreamed of creating your own jams? An avid music fan with a passion to create new tunes? In our Digital Music activity, our learners have the chance to create music on their computer! All you need is a love and curiosity for music. In this activity, our learners will know how to arrange and layer, how to identify tempo, chord progressions, melody and lead, and how to mix and create effects in their songs. Let’s jam!

Coding (Explorations): Learning a new language is never easy, but what if we told you that you can learn a new universal language? Coding language is an essential tool to thrive in the modern industry. Computer programming is a creative process programmers perform to tell a computer how to perform a task. Our learners will be taught how to code to build a project, whether it be a game or an app that involves creative input. Are you ready to get cracking?

Engineering: Design, Create, Build (Explorations): DCB is an engineering activity that focuses on providing children with opportunities to solve problems using various materials and tools. In DCB, learners are encouraged to test designs and find ways to improve them. They will quickly discover the value and importance of sharing ideas and insights with fellow designers.

Camp Lift: Program led by mentors who will teach leadership skills. Students will develop the skills to become good influencers through educational workshops about mindfulness, discussions and meditation.

Radio activity (Explorations): Discovering formats and giving ideas to students for radio projects; creating audio on any device. Students would experiment with writing and producing, different formats (journalism, comedy, advertising) and then select the best one for an end of program showcase radio program that could be shared with the school online.

Comedy for Kids: Learning how to become a comedian through improvisation, games and fun discussions that build self-confidence. The purpose of this activity is to provide students with a creative outlet as well as an opportunity to connect with their peers in a fun and productive manner.

DJing (Explorations): Become the life of any party with your new DJing skills. Learn to mix your favourite tracks, sample songs, and drop a sick beat. Get your creative juices sp-sp-spspinning!

Video Editing (Explorations): Have you ever wondered what kind of video you could make if you had the time, the tools and the tricks? Most of us are walking around all day with fantastic video cameras in our pockets and don’t know how to get the most out of them. Whether you use an iPhone or Android or a high end DSLR, you’ll end up learning how to make great video productions in iMovie or DaVinci Resolve.

Photography (Explorations): Dive right into the creative world of digital photography! This is your chance to learn how to get better shots out of your camera or phone, find interesting photos wherever you are, and to get the most out of your favourite shots by working them in GIMP or a mobile photo-editing app until they are absolutely perfect.