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Vice Principal

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Andri Meades
Math Teacher (Juniors & Seniors) :

Our November featured teacher

Mr. Meades graduated with a Bachelor of Education from McGill University and has been teaching math at WHS for 13 years. He loves the subject matter because of its logic and multiple approaches to problem-solving. He transmits his problem-solving skills to students by using tricks and dispels the fear and abstract view of math students have by explaining, (referring to integers), “I really try to show students they already know these things…my job is to show them…that (math) it’s everywhere and that they use math all the time.” He is the chair of Staff Council, curling team coach and for many years stayed up all night to cook for the WHS Family Breakfast every December. He has organized donation campaigns to women’s shelter Women Aware and has been the catalyst for student workshops on healthy relationships organized with the admin every November. He continues to demonstrate his vested interest in students’ well-being as the staff coordinator for the anti-bullying campaign and the Tell Them From Me Survey. His collated data supports Behaviour Technicians Tari Galea and CJ Turner’s Leadership work with all grade levels. The self-proclaimed math nerd says, “I love my job because I have the opportunity to make a positive impact every day…Teaching is about the relationships you build. Kids need to know they’re welcome and accepted.” Mr. Meades is always connecting with students up and down the hallways making every student smile and feel they belong each and every day at WHS.

Mel Bergevin : Our October featured teacher

Mel Bergevin :
Our October featured teacher

Melissa Bergevin is one of our veteran teachers. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and English and a Bachelor of Education from Bishop’s University, Ms. Bergevin joined the Westmount High School team 19 years ago. She is a Cycle I Core teacher in English, History, and Geography describes with pride that WHS is a family where everyone feels welcome. It is this sense of inclusion and acceptance that resonated so profoundly with Ms.  Bergevin that led her to study sign language four years ago to communicate with a hearing impaired student so they felt included and valued. Fostering creativity and making strong connections are the focus of her teaching philosophy so students feel they are a valued part of the WHS family. She has also been one of the Student Council Advisors for 18 years and says, “I love council because kids who are looking for a place to belong often find their place on the Student Council. These students are encouraged to be themselves, make friends, all while daring to make a difference in their school community.”

Victor Thomasson: Our September featured teacher

Victor Thomasson:
Our September featured teacher

Mr. Thomasson’s love of science started at an early age through a keen interest in critters, camping, birding, fungi and catching frogs and snakes. His passion for exploring the natural world led him to pursue a Bachelor in Wildlife Biology from McGill University followed by a Master in Biology (Conservation) at the University of Ottawa where his thesis work examined conservation efforts of the Eastern Hognose snake, a threatened species in Ontario. He then completed his Bachelor in Education from the University of Ottawa with the goal of fostering his passion for science in his students. Mr. Thomasson teaches grades 7, 8 and 9 science at WHS and explains his love of learning, “I don’t just teach science. A lot of my life involves science… I take care of my geckos, I garden, go camping with my family…. I’m really passionate about what I teach.” He most enjoys taking students on science related field trips, doing labs and projects where he transmits his excitement for science to his students. He has also been known to bring in some of his animals to class, such as geckos and tortoises, to teach concepts such as evolution and natural selection.

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