The uniform and the student wearing the uniform represent Westmount High School publicly. It is expected that while in uniform, students conduct themselves appropriately.

All students must wear the school uniform while on school grounds. Students not wearing the school uniform are sent home to change. The uniform cannot be modified in any way. The school uniform must be kept clean and in good repair at all times.


The uniform is as follows:


Headwear (unless of a religious nature) is not to be worn at any time in the building. Hair bands are permitted.

Hair bands must not exceed 2 inches in width.

Hoods from uniform hoodies cannot be worn in the school.

White polo or dress shirt with school crest.

Only black or white undershirts are permitted under the white school shirt (NO t-shirts with logos).

Crested uniform polar cardigan with zipper. WHS V-neck sweater with the school name. WHS uniform hoodie.

  • NO other jackets, hoodies, cardigans, or sweaters. This includes Spirit Wear hoodies (sports, clubs etc…)
  • MUST wear white uniform dress shirt or polo under the V-neck sweater (with collar out), cardigan, and WHS hoodie.

Black dress pants from uniform supplier

  • NO jeans or denim.
  • NO sweat pants, track pants, etc.
  • NO cargo pants
  • NO casual wear (e.g. leggings or tight fitting pants).
  • NO logos or coloured stitching on pants.
  • NO cut off hems.

Black skirts, Kilts or Skorts

  • MUST be no more than 8 cm (3”) above knee length. Skirt lengths are not to be altered or tampered with.

Black, knee-length dress shorts.

  • MUST be uniform shorts.
  • MUST be knee-length.
  • NO athletic shorts.
  • NO cargo shorts.

Athletic socks, black or skin-toned nylons, leotards, or knee-high socks.

  • NO lace, fishnet, or texture.
  • NO torn socks, nylons or leotards. Students who wear nylons, should keep an extra pair in their locker.
  • Leg warmers may only be worn to and from school and remain in your locker during the day.

Sensible shoes that are practical for a busy, crowded public building. Running shoes are acceptable.

  • NO unfastened or dangerous shoes, or sports sandals.
  • NO open-toed footwear (e.g. flip flops).
  • NO steel-toed shoes or boots.
  • NO boots 
  • NO Crocs


All uniforms must be purchased through the official school supplier, Top Marks.