School Program


*Students are required to take the same arts elective throughout Cycle 1, meaning for both their grade 7 and 8 years. A switch may only be made with teacher recommendation and special permission from the administration.

Music: Offered from Secondary 1 to 5. Students joining after Secondary 1 must be granted permission from the music department.

Students play a woodwind, brass, or rhythm section instrument in a cohesive ensemble. As performing musicians, WHS students play a variety of classical and contemporary pieces. Band members improvise in addition to reading notation, and create their own composition in a variety of genres. Musicians have a great deal of input into the selection of class material. Performance opportunities may include school assemblies, intra-mural festivals and competitions, acoustic nights, and many others.

Art: Offered from Secondary 1 to 5.

Media Arts and Woodworking: Offered in Secondary 4

This course offers students the opportunity to become familiar with the vocational training sectors, particularly in the wood, pulp and paper industry, and the job market for these trades and occupations. This course provides an introduction to woodworking and is ideal for the student who wishes to learn how to design, implement and produce projects using wood and wood related materials. The course is semestered and students also receive instruction in media arts, including photography and 2D and 3D art techniques. Students can use their creativity to express themselves in various media.

AP Visual Arts: Offered in Secondary 4 and 5

The purpose of this course is to expose students to various elements and modalities used in the field of visual arts. By engaging in hands-on tasks of creating and appreciating the various art forms, students will deepen their awareness and knowledge of the world of art and value its contribution. Students begin to assemble portfolio pieces that may be used to create a comprehensive portfolio for AP Studio Art in Secondary 5. Options include: Drawing, two-dimensional and three-dimensional portfolios.

Prerequisite: Permission by the Art Department\

Drama: Offered from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5

The goal of this course is to investigate, challenge and express your creative side in drama. Students are introduced to several theatrical performances and learn how to interpret them as a writer, actor and reader. The focus will be on how the students express, develop and formulate their ideas, not, whether their ideas are correct or incorrect.

Students will be evaluated not only through class activities, but also by the process that they will take to obtain their goals in the class. For example: skits that are produced will be evaluated by not just the performance, but by the effort made in the group, its creativity, proper use of rehearsal time, use of class time and so on. Students will also delve into a play in order to learn how to use theatre as a tool for social change through acting, performing and writing.