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Leadership Community Action: Offered in Secondary 5

Leadership aims to provide students with the knowledge, practical experience and skills required to be able to organize, lead and support school and community activities.

Leadership Community Action enhances one’s “leadership abilities” and “life skills” through a number of different ways.

Leadership students play an integral role at WHS by becoming involved with the Athletics Department, the Mackay Centre, Terry Fox Walk and Roll, Student Council initiated school-wide activities, School Assemblies and much more!

CPR certification is also part of the curriculum. Leadership is an active, hands-on course filled with unforgettable moments where students gain skills that will change their lives forever.

Students must be prepared to get up on stage, participate in before- or after-school activities, and take on a leadership role in the school.

The instructor and administration reserve the right to remove a student from this course for breach of the code of conduct.

Prerequisite: Students must sign and submit a Leadership Contract with their course selection form.