General Directorate

The Director General is the highest authority in the School Board and is the only employee on the Council of Commissioners. The Director General attends Executive and Council meetings to provide support and information to Commissioners. The Director General is also responsible for submitting financial statements of the School Board to the Council of Commissioners and to oversee the Assistant Directors General. All other employees report directly or indirectly to the Director General.

Nicholas Katalifos
Director General
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7262

Pela Nickoletopoulos
Assistant Director General, Education
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7228

Jack H. Chadirdjian
Assistant Director General, Administration
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7227

Secretary General

The Secretary General / Director of Archives and Translation is responsible for all the programs and activities pertaining to the functioning of the meetings of the Council of Commissioners, the Executive Committee, as well as the Advisory Committeespolicies, by-laws, official records of the school board, information management, administrative records of the school board, access to information, protection of the personal information, archives, electoral process, internal and external communications, including translation. 

The position consists in playing a key role in providing advice and expertise to the Director General, the Assistant Directors General and to all the administrators of the school board as to promote the optimal management in terms of the corporate communication matters of the school board. 

Me Nathalie Lauzière
Secretary General (Responsible for access to information, protection of the personal information)
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7264

Elementary & Secondary Education

The Board's schools are organized into three administrative sectors managed by Regional Directors. The Regional Directors, as the immediate supervisors of the In-School Administrators (principals, vice-principals), supervise the implementation of the Education Act within the schools. As such, they are expected to provide an efficient and knowledgeable liaison between the Board and the school community.

The regional directors main responsibilities include: Understanding and implementation of all policies, procedures, and directives of the Board by the network of schools, Reinforcing the directives of school services, Providing feedback on the needs of the network of schools, consistent with the mission of the Board, Ensuring effective and equitable services are delivered to students, Liaison between Governing Boards and EMSB, School Success Plans, Curriculum Reform, Co-ordination of special projects and dossiers, Professional Development (Administrators), Student enrolment and staff allocation, Financial analysis and follow-up of school budgets.

Darlene Kehyayan
Regional Director (East)
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7239

Demetrios Giannacopoulos
Regional Director (West)
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7623

Adult Education & Vocational Services

Adult Education and Vocational Services meet the needs of communities, groups and individuals by offering basic scholastic programs in language, academic and vocational courses.

The services provided by AEVS include: full-time and part-time academic courses, basic education to secondary V. , full-time vocational programs leading to a D.V.S. or A.V.S , second language training, recruitment of instructors, information and referral services, loans and bursaries for students enrolled in vocational programs, distance education, courses for adults with special needs and community courses.

Angela Spagnolo
Regional Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7349

Mario Argiropoulos
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7381

Rick David
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7869

Educational Services

Educational Services is responsible for the administration of local and ministerial pedagogical dossiers and programs, budget preparation and follow-up, organization of special educational events and projects and community, business and university partner relations. 

Educational Services main responsibilities include Pedagogical Consultants, School Library Services, Board wide testing and ministerial examinations.

Anna Sanalitro
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7355

Anna Villalta
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7235

Athina Galanogeorgos
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7459

Financial Services

The Financial Services Department provides support to the Board in the form of financial policies and procedures, automated transaction recording, budgetary performance assessment and reporting, procurement, and any other topics of a financial nature as deemed necessary. The department is also responsible for ensuring the documentation of financial transactions, the existence of financial controls, as well as for the recommendation and implementation of controls that will reduce the risk of financial loss.

The sub-divisions of the Financial Services Department are as follows: Accounting, Payroll, Support to Schools. Questions related to payroll:

Livia Nassivera
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7485

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is mandated to provide qualified personnel for the schools, centres and the administrative offices to ensure that the needs of the EMSB are met. Their responsibilities include recruitment, interpretation and application of Collective Agreements, negotiation of Local Agreements/Arrangements with Syndical groups and associations, to administer directives of the MEES, to provide professional development for employees in order to enhance successful performance, and more.

The primary responsibilities of the Human Resources Department are as follows: CNESST/Health & Safety, Recruitment, Health Insurance, Leaves of Absence and Retirement.

Ann Watson
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7279

Angela Vaudry
Assistant Director, Teaching
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7281

Marilyn Ramlakhan
Assistant Director, Support Staff
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7326

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services is responsible for the overall strategic planning of computing security and infrastructure; development and implementation of technology strategies surrounding administrative systems, and the support of educational technology strategies. Additionally, the department provides day-to-day operational support for back-end systems and end users for all board technologies as well as equipment, setup and technical support for workshops and professional development sessions.

Information Technology Services main responsibilities include Infrastructure Operations, Application Support, Development, Technology Field, Services, Help Desk Telephones & Computers.

Bob Thomas
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7433

Kacem Azzouni
Assistant Director
(514) (514) 483-7200 Ext. 7480

Robert Pasarelu
Assistant Director
(514) (514) 483-7200 Ext. 7785

Legal Services

The Legal Services Department provides high-quality legal advice and support to the English Montreal School Board in various matters and areas of the Law, such as Labour Relations, Education Law, School Board policies and by-laws, Civil Liability, Contractual obligations and Access to information.

The Legal Services Department also represents the interests of the English Montreal School Board before the Civil Courts, the Arbitration Courts and the various Administrative Tribunals. Furthermore, the members of the Legal Services Department supervise the mandates given to external law firms by reviewing legal procedures and strategic approach to cases.

Me Magdalena Sokol
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7271

Material Resources

The mandate of the Material Resources Department is to provide a safe, secure, clean and attractive physical environment which contributes to effective learning and teaching. Material Resources is responsible for all construction projects and major repairs in the Board’s buildings except in the domain of security and safety. 

The subdivisions of Material Resources are: Caretaking, Procurement, Maintenance & Projects, Central Alarm, Security Desk.

Mario Cardin
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7329

Nasreddine Slimi
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7206

Diana Nguyen
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7321

Phil Verdi
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7533

School Organization

The Department of School Organization at the EMSB oversees Eligibility (Law 101 0ffice), Registration, International Students - Youth Sector, Transportation Division, BASE Daycare, and Nutrition & Food Services.

Sandra Léveillé
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7483

Student Services

Welcome to the Student Services Department of the English Montreal School Board.

Keeping in mind the Mission Statement of the EMSB, which is to enable each student to reach his/her maximum potential and acquire the knowledge, social skills and qualifications to live a full and productive life, the Student Services Department provides a broad range of services to students while working closely in collaboration with the administrators, teachers, professionals, parents, and community stakeholders.

Please explore the website in order to learn more about the various services, programs, and initiatives undertaken by the Student Services Department.

Julie René de Cotret
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7295

Sabrina Petrocco
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7295

Gail Callender
Assistant Director
(514) 483-7200 Ext. 7295