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The Serour Brothers share their remarkable story at Gardenview

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Montreal - Wednesday, June 14, 2023

On the eve of their appearance at the Ottawa Natural Bodybuilding Championship later this month, the  Serour brothers visited their former elementary school, Gardenview in St. Laurent, on Tuesday, June 13 to talk about the importance of keeping in good physical condition and staying in school.

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Liam 22, Jordan, 20 and Adam, 18 are excited to be headed to the nation’s capital  and  fulfill a lifelong dream of theirs  to  be stepping on to the bodybuilding stage together. They each had a unique introduction to fitness and bodybuilding, but have pushed through any and all obstacles as brothers.  Their dad, immigration specialist and politician Richard Serour, is better known to some radio listeners via his alter-ego Ricky Cyr from a number of years ago on CJAD. Mom Gabrielle Azran Serour is an attorney and as her husband notes: “She prepares most of their meals. It’s like feeding three hungry lions; but it’s a labor of love on behalf of the lioness!”

Each of the brothers has a different story.

“I grew up playing sports but always had trouble with my weight,” says  Liam. “At my worst, I was 230 pounds at five foot seven. I knew a change had to be made. My main driving factor was to prove to the world and myself that I could be the person I've always known I could be – a champion!  So, I am proud to say that in November 2021, I lost 60 pounds and won at the Popeye's Classic in classic physique. This lit a fire under  me and I knew from this point on that my purpose was to set an example to others – there is nothing that you cannot accomplish!!”

As for Jordan,  as a young child he loved martial arts but was always too weak to achieve any of his goals. “It was clear to me that I first had to build the physique of my dreams,” he said. “After consistently training for five years, I am proud to announce that I have surpassed beyond what 14-year-old Jordan thought could be possible and I am only beginning to reach my potential.”

Added Adam: “Naturally, seeing my two big brothers encouraged me to start hitting the gym and to be the biggest of the three. I have been training for the last three years alongside them. At times I doubt myself because of how young I am. It’s crazy that I am hopping on stage in my underwear to show off my muscles yet I can barely get into a club. But my brothers always remind me to believe in myself.”

The brothers note that the underlying factor that has led to their combined success in bodybuilding, martial arts, academic achievements, and all other challenges life has thrown their way, has always been their brotherhood.

“Our parents taught us at a young age that real success is measured, not in dollars, but in love and family!” says  Liam. “We were taught to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk! To inspire by example! What started as a friendly competition amongst brothers, has evolved into something much bigger.”

The brothers are excited to talk about The Serour Shredding Challenge. In a nutshell, they are in the midst of organizing a transformation challenge in which people can sign up, receive a training plan, and gain access to their group chat where they will answer questions. The goal is to transform your body to the best of your abilities in eight weeks

“What makes this opportunity so unique is that the challenge corresponds to our competition prep,” says Jordan. “Thus, we’re all doing it together. “

At the end of the challenge, the top three biggest transformations will receive prizes.

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